React Minis

Welcome React Mini an Portfilo of Mini React Projects


This a Calculator that I have created in React.

June 2021

Tic Tac Toe

This a copy of the game Tic Tac Toe that has been created as a React App.

June 2021


This is a small app that renders BB8 which you can move by moving your mouse around the screen *Desktop Only*.

May 2021

Open Weather Map

I created this weather app that allows the user to search location that's fed to an API that fetches the data on the locations weather.

Febuary 2021

Salad Builder

I made this Salad Builder that allows the user to build there own salad with the ingredients provided and on their selection, a dynamic list will pop up with the user's ingredients they have picked out.

January 2021

Food Stall

This a little React Project that I made that allows the user to add products to a basket which will dynamically tell the user the number of items they've added and the total amount they have put in their cart.

January 2021

Design + Code 4

This site was created by myself when following a React Totorial from MengTo the creator of Design + Code.

December 2020